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There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of medical studies published implicating “oxidative stress” as a significant factor in degenerative disease.  We are all familiar with a cut apple or potato turning brown and iron rusting.  That same process that turns the apple brown is the underlying cause of many degenerative diseases.  We do not “catch” a heart attack, cancer, or diabetes.  We create these by our lifestyle choices.  The oxidation that turns the apple brown, turns cholesterol into plaque, damages DNA to make cancer, burns insulin receptors to cause diabetes. Diabetes also has a more significant factor called glycemic stress – see my notes on preventing and even reversing diabetes at www.daveshealthnotes.org.


Oxygen is necessary for life. But there is a dark side to oxygen: An unpaired oxygen atom is known to the scientist as a “free radical”.  Two oxygen atoms are happy when paired but are unstable by themselves.  These free radicals are around us and inside us every day.  When this “free radical” comes in contact with LDL or VLDL cholesterol, the cholesterol is damaged and becomes the plaque that causes heart attacks or stokes.  If a “free radical” comes in contact with the DNA in the cell, the cell can become confused and stop doing its job and just replicate into a cluster of more damaged cells called a cancerous tumor.  If a “free radical” comes in contact with an insulin receptor in a cell, the receptor is damaged and more insulin is needed leading to diabetes. The list goes on.


What is the solution?


To stop, slow down, and sometimes reverse the damage from “free radical” oxidation you need to bathe the cells in your body with optimal levels of a broad spectrum complete and balanced antioxidant supplement made to pharmaceutical good manufacturing processes.  With today’s nutrient deficient foods, it is impossible to get enough of these nutrients from our daily food. The supplement needs to have optimal levels, not minimal.  For example, most supplements provide 30 units of vitamin E while medical studies show that over 400 units are needed to reduce the risk of a heart attack.  Studies show that there is an 85% reduction in the risk of breast cancer with optimal level of vitamin D3. (For more information, attend one of our free monthly webinars.)  The supplement should be broad spectrum – it should have a variety of different antioxidants because different parts of the body respond better to different antioxidants.  The supplement should be complete in that vitamins need other vitamins and minerals to work optimally.  Vitamin C for example will recharge Vitamin E to work again.  It should be balanced so that there isn’t too much of one nutrient to interfere with another.  Lastly, the supplement should be made to pharmaceutical good manufacturing practices.  Most over the counter and mail order supplements are made to food grade good manufacturing practices.  A doctor once explained this to me:  Food grade requires that there be minimum rat hair, mice droppings, other contaminants so as to not cause an immediate problem and at least 20% of what is specified on the label at the time it’s made.  (If you are buying a supplement with 30 units of vitamin E, it’s legal to put in just 6 units!)  On the other hand, pharmaceutical grade good manufacturing practices require no rat hair, mice droppings, other contaminants and 97 to 103% of what is specified on the label, two years after it’s made


How do I choose the right vitamin?


There is an unbiased and objective publication from Nutrisearch called The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements. (http://www.nutrisearch.ca/)  This publication rates over 1,500 nutritional supplements.  The #1 rated formulation is from USANA Health Sciences.  The author, Lyle MacWilliam, spoke for 23 minutes about the USANA difference.  I've made his talk available on our conference center replay line so you can hear him first hand.  Call 1 (605) 313-5055 access code 769633 and reference 21  I use and recommend this supplement.  For more information, see http://DavidLandry.USANA.com.   Share our mission of good health:  http://www.DHNinfo.com/thisisusama


This information is for educational purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.  It is recommended that you consult a physician knowledgeable in nutritional supplementation regarding application to any particular disease.

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