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Healthy for Life Program

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These presentations are for small groups interested in learning about optimizing health with nutrition, diet, and lifestyle. All are provided in giant screen PowerPoint and offered free. Cost of travel is appreciated and honorarium is accepted.

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Healthy for Life Program – Health Benefits and Overview

When you combine this triad of healthy lifestyles (Healthy Diet – Modest Exercise Program – CellularNutrition), all of which improve insulin sensitivity, you are able to “tipback” into a normal metabolic state as you slow down the aging process.

You create permanent fat loss

You have more energy, more focus and you feel great

Your cholesterol improves

Your blood pressure decreases (if elevated)

You decrease your risk of heart disease and diabetes


Preventing and Even Reversing Diabetes

Diabetes is now at epidemic levels. We are bombarded with advertising for diabetes testing meters, supplies, and so forth but hardly ever hear that type II diabetes (which accounts for about 90% of all the new cases each year) is fully preventable and even may be reversible.

Why do I age? Get Sick? Get Disease?

The underlying cause of the majority of our diseases is OXIDATIVE STRESS & GLYCEMIC STRESS. Understanding stress and how to go on the attach to avoid disease and capture better health is the object of this presentation.

Why can't I lose this weight?

Sixty-five percent of Americans are overweight and diabetes is becoming a national epidemic. Diets are failing and exercise and calorie counting seem to be only short term solutions. The key is understanding insulin resistance and restoring your sensitivity to your own insulin. 

The Cholesterol Myth

The fine print in the advertising for cholesterol lowering drugs admit using these drugs do not reduce the number of heart attacks. Find out what the medical studies really say about cholesterol. It is the state of cholesterol, not the amount, that leads to heard disease.

Nutrasweet: The deadly toxin and healthy alternatives

Aspartame is made of two neurotoxin chemicals that may trigger strokes, seizures, MS, and even death. How did this happen and why are so few saying anything about it? What are the alternatives?

Are Taxes KILLING YOU Financially?

Financial stress affects our health, so here is a "health tip" for healthy finances: reducing tax expense! YOU can STOP the BLEEDING — NOW!